Mary and Jesus

What is the Sacred Heart?

Blessed Mother Mary, Please help us to connect with your Immaculate Heart of Love and Mercy. Holy pictures of you and Jesus are pointing to your radiant heart, as if to say, there is a message and meaning here for us to focus on. Could you teach us about the sacred heart and how it may be activated in service of the highest good at this time?

What a lovely question, yet the answer is an experience of Love that words cannot express. It is this experience that is the goal of all your seeking, the realization of all that is real, good, and true, and the remembrance of your True Self as God Created You. It is through the Stargate portal of the Sacred Heart that you will have this direct experience of your Divinity and Oneness with all Creation.

There is only one Sacred Heart. It is synonymous with our One Source, our One Creator, our true Identity with Love, and it is holographic. As the whole is contained within each part of the hologram, the Sacred Heart of God is within each part of the Creation. Like the principles of creation, the “microcosm of the macrocosm”, “as above, so below”, all life is interconnected, interdependent, and multi-dimensional.

Inside your heart is all knowledge and wisdom; past, present, future. Every time you enter into your heart you are entering genius; it is a state of consciousness. There is a specific vibration in your heart, like the humming sound of bees, where we are in communication with all life. This sound vibration can heal anything. Ultimately, it is your Love that heals, and you heal yourself, as you learn to “just be” in the loving vibration within your Sacred Heart.

There is a dreaming process in the heart that is the key to Creation Itself. The world is whatever you dream. You can change the world through your Heart. The creation process is one of images and dreams through the one eye of the heart. It is not polarized like the thinking brain, but rests in the natural creative expressions of Love.

The heart is the first thing to be developed in the womb after conception. The body emerges from the heart. This is an example of the creation process; the Heart creating loving miracles of life. In this sense, there is nothing that the Heart cannot do. Awareness of the power of Love from within our Sacred Hearts will lead humanity into unlimited possibilities. The second coming of Christ will be experienced in the hearts of the multitude through your collective awakening.

As Mother Earth is ascending into a higher dimension and taking all life with her, it will become known as the planet of the Heart Chakra. You are moving into a new heart-based world through your I Am Presence. In this critical time of chaos, division, and devastation in your world, remember to stay in the loving vibration of your Sacred Heart. Embrace everything with Love, allowing the Heart to transform all fear through the transmuting Sacred Fire of Divinity. You are more powerful than you know. Live in your Heart and Trust in Love. We Are All One In Our Sacred Heart Of Hearts, The Holy Of The Holies, Our Heavenly Home. So Be It and So It Is.

Mary Woods


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