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What is the Problem?

Mother Mary arrived at my door today! Actually, it was a 3-foot statue for the garden which I ordered for my Mary/Fairy sanctuary under a big old spruce tree in my backyard. Part of my “assignment” is to sit outside, grounding into Mother Earth, like an acupressure point, rooted and connected to the core. As above, so below, centered in the heart, and in communion with the Blessed Mother.

I have always felt that I was a frequency holder, a subtle activist, always valuing my freedom to just be. Realizing now that I share that function with Mother Mary, working inwardly behind the scenes, holding sacred space, in a prayerful listening of how to best be in service at this time. The neighborhood church bells played “Ave Maria” and I am definitely feeling Her Presence while practicing being present with her.

In looking at the statue of the Blessed Mother and others that I saw online, many of them show a snake underneath her foot. I wondered what the meaning was and asked Mother Mary.

This image is a portrayal of projections from the Church symbolizing good overcoming evil. The Genesis story of the “evil” serpent tempting Eve was another projection of the belief in sin, guilt, and fear, the origin of the supposed fall from grace. This original error has been projected onto the world you see throughout history; it is a false belief in separation, the vicious cycle that makes the world go round. Yet the serpent can also symbolize transformation, kundalini, and rebirth. It is all how you look at it, what you believe and perceive.

The preoccupation with good vs. evil is a reoccurring theme that has run its course. Why would you want to continue to make the error real? You made sin, guilt, and fear, yet perceived that you were a victim of evil. A necessary step in your awakening is the understanding that you made it all up to experience what it would be like to be separate from your Creator. The realization that this separation or fall from grace never happened, except in a dream, means that you can remember the truth of your Oneness with the Creator, your Innocence, and the state of Grace that is your Reality. The Creator created only Love, anything else is a false perception or illusion.

What do you want to see? Do you want the problem or the answer? The problem of evil is not real unless you allow it. You make it real in your experience by attacking, defending, judging, analyzing, hating and projecting the problem outside onto others. What resists, persists or you could choose to cease and desist. Enough is enough! The Creator has put a limit on your ability to miscreate.

The problems that you perceive cannot be solved at the level that they were made. As you continually choose to rise above the battleground, from a higher perspective, you will see things differently, and remember the answer; to join with the Holy Spirit and look without judgment. In this way, you can be in this world, but not of it, and allow miracles of Love to resolve whatever appears to be the problem.

This world crisis point is a choice point. Our human miscreations are being revealed in order to be healed and transmuted back into the light. That is the meaning of the apocalypse, the lifting of the veil. What is false will fall away without your opposition and what is True is emerging in all its clarity for all to see. Like the serpent shedding its skin, all life will be reborn and transformed. And So It Is.

Mary Woods


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