What is the Mystery School?

Beloved Mother Mary, you said that you were raised in the ancient mystery school teachings. Could you tell us about your lessons and experiences and how this is relevant to us today?

The Mystery School Teachings have the purpose of bringing true learning to the world. As such, they bring lessons of unlearning and an upside-down perception of the world. When you made the impossible by replacing Reality with illusion, Oneness with separation, Peace with chaos; there became a need to undo this hell of a mess. The real mystery is how you could have made this insanely complicated world. The Truth of Your Being as The Holy Spirit has not been changed or affected by this apparent diversion, however, and remains in Its perfect simplicity.

The Holy Spirit, therefore, is your Teacher in the Mystery School of life. It will provide you with a personalized curriculum, as long as you take yourself personally. It will meet you where you are, as long as you believe you are where you are. It will teach you many lessons of how to respond with Love, as long as you are enmeshed with fear. The Holy Spirit is always in your mind and heart as a quiet presence, awaiting your decision to choose to listen to Its Loving guidance and direction.

Your progress in the Mystery School is measured by your readiness to choose the Holy Spirit as your Teacher instead of making decisions by yourself. This is usually a lifelong process, in that, you have been educated and conditioned to develop a self-image with the need to make something of yourself. This is an example of the many paradoxes that define the Mystery School; you find yourself when you lose yourself; you can have then answer when you give up the question; you remember Who You Are when you cease identifying with who you are not. Enlightenment is realized through surrender.

There are many paths that lead to this goal, this one truth that is the same for everyone. This learning/unlearning process seems to take a long time, with many students in different grades, levels, and phases of development. Some classrooms appear more difficult than others. There are many various disciplines, practices, and techniques, which are really different methods for learning how to listen. The lessons can become easier through a willingness to choose correctly more often.

The Mystery Schools of old taught the same Truth that remains changeless throughout time. There have always been the initiates, the sages, the devoted ones who have kept the higher frequencies of Light alive in the collective consciousness, even in the darkest times. The Universal Laws of Life were taught as principles of cause and effect, mind over matter, giving and receiving, manifestation, transformation, prayer, and higher purpose. There is always more to learn about the ways things work, but the greatest mystery is the Laws of Love, which supersede them all.

I have told you that this is the time of your graduation from your classroom of duality and your return to Oneness. It is through the mystery of Divine Love that “Thy Will Be Done”. This Divine Love is not learned because It Is What You Are. Be willing then, to unlearn all that you are not and to release all that is not true. A good student is one who realizes how much they do not know, and has the willingness to learn from the right Teacher. The Holy Spirit is in charge of the curriculum of Love, which will lead you step by step towards understanding the ultimate mysteries.

Mary Woods


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