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What is the Immaculate Conception?

Mother Mary, I feel a real pull to understand about the Immaculate Conception and Virgin Birth; what does that mean for us today?

Now we get to the heart of the matter. The memory of this is the remembrance of your Divinity; not a memory of the past, but of the Eternal Present. The Immaculate Conception is literally a pure idea. It is the attunement to the highest frequency, the attraction of Love for Love, and the ecstasy of Union with the Divine. It is not something that is achieved, earned, or learned. It is a realization of the Truth of your Being that occurs naturally through surrender.

You were created by the Divine Creator as an extension of Divine Love to create and express Love. You are creating every moment, consciously or unconsciously, in that your thoughts are creating the world you see. As you increasingly become aware of this power within you, you can choose to align with the Divine, opening your True Self as a clear channel for the Holy Spirit and the Will of God.

This is the way of the Immaculate Conception; limitless in Its Power to heal, to express miracles, and manifest the purity of Holiness. This is our true nature and why we were created. These creations are happening now in each Holy Instant, everlasting throughout eternity. It is only in dreams of separation that you have forgotten this, yet, this has not affected the Truth that remains our Reality.

It is a miracle that Divine Love could enter this dream of a vast illusion, of time and space; and it will be a miracle that will call us to awaken and remember. All the past is gone, save for the Love that is real and eternal. You are the dreamer of this world of dreams, and dreams are metaphors. My story as the Virgin Mary is a metaphor for awakening from the dream.

Once upon a no time, as her-story goes, my Divine Mother conceived the pure idea of Divine Love manifesting in her Holy Womb. As the points of light in her Holy Chakras aligned with the Divine Template, she first felt the Love within her sacred heart, then held the vision within her sacred third eye, and made it manifest within her creative, sacred womb. Through her dedicated focus of prayer, meditation, and attunement to the Holy Spirit, she became the vessel through which a pure expression of Divine Love was born into the world.

I was raised in the community of the Essenes, where the mystery school teachings of the ancient lineage of the codes of light where held sacred. I was a joyful child who loved to laugh, dance, sing, and play in nature. My favorite game was “let’s pretend”, where I would imagine the beautiful, fun-loving nature spirits and played with my “imaginary friends”. Instructed in the sacred art of the mystics, I learned that through pure thoughts and feelings, that we could have a disease-free world.

Raised by the Temple Priestesses as a vestal virgin in Qumran, I was devoted to the dignity of the Divine Feminine. It was considered a high spiritual practice and initiation to engage in self-conception; virgin birth. The purpose was to bring forth a Holy Wise One to help heal the perception of separation and raise the frequency of Love on the planet. Since it was indeed a man’s world, I knew I was to conceive a Holy “Son” of God.

Now is the moment for the rebirth of the Holy Son of God within all of us. It is not something that we have to achieve, earn, or learn; merely the recognition of Who We Are. As we let go and let God, the Divine Creator will awaken us all from the dream of forgetfulness; like the dawning of our Self Realization, we will remember our true Identity with Love, Innocence, and Grace. We Are The Immaculate Conception.
So Be It and So It Is.

Mary Woods


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