What is the Ascension?

Blessed Mother Mary, Could you help us understand the meaning of the Ascension; how did you experience it and what will it be for us at this time?

The Ascension is your Great Awakening from the dream of separation. It is your graduation from the classroom of duality and the return to Oneness. It is the Homecoming of the prodigal Children of God.

The Ascension is a convergence of many synchronized events, culminating with a quantum leap in consciousness. It is the end of time, which in itself is but an illusion, and the rebirth of the Holy Instant, which opens into Eternity. It is a shift in perception that will open your awareness to the real world; “the new heaven and the new earth”.

This Awakening will be a personal experience as well as collective, because you are one. As you rise in consciousness, you recognize your role in healing the perception of separation within you; this is your in-scension. To forgive your illusions, as well as, your forgiveness of all others, as you fully remember your interconnectedness. The golden rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” will be understood because others are you. When you relinquish all attack and judgment toward yourself and no longer project onto “others”, you will reconcile all the separate parts into wholeness. Your investment in physical sight will shift into spiritual vision, as you Identify with your true One Self as God Created You.

As you become fully wholehearted, fulfilling your part in the microcosm, a quickening of consciousness will resound throughout the macrocosm of the Creation. This is a collective, planetary Ascension that has never happened before anywhere. Humanity is the most interesting species in the Universe now and the whole Universe is learning from your evolution.

My Holy Son and I experienced our personal ascension in our lifetime as a necessary completion of the mystery school. In understanding the worldly lessons of duality, we would have to encounter the shadow, the adversary, and the temptation to identify with fearful illusions. By correctly choosing to Identify with Love, we did not react to or engage with these energies, so they had no power to attack us. We triumphed over oppositions, not through attack or defense, but through transcendence. These negative energies have no power over us as we Identify with the Truth of our Being as God Created Us in Love and Peace; the One True Power.

It is the Love of our Divine Creator that lifts us up into our Wholeness. Like a multi-faceted crystal reflecting the light, you will become rainbow light bodies. As Jesus said, “These things I do, ye shall do also, and greater.” Now it is your time to Ascend in Glory to God. This is why you came; to fulfill your purpose of awakening from the dream and remembering Who You Are. It is the Will of God for you to play your part in this Great Awakening, as an essential part in the Whole of Creation. You will fulfill the prayer, “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, On Earth As It Is In Heaven.” You are here to ensure that this story will have a happy ending and that all life will live happily ever after. So Be It and So It Is.

Mary Woods


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