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Traditionally the month of May is dedicated to Mother Mary, bringing forth the Divine Feminine in the Temple of Immaculate Conception. This year, May 2020, the world is experiencing an unprecedented global lockdown, supposedly due to the COVID-19 virus. My request for Mother Mary’s assistance is how may we best respond to this situation for the highest good of us all? I sat and listened and received these words;

Let us begin with Love, the all-encompassing answer to whatever question. It is helpful to remember that “God makes all things possible, while Love makes all things easy”. While it is Love’s nature to express and extend Itself, so it is yours, because you are Love. It is your true nature to create, and that you do create every moment, consciously or unconsciously, you are responsible for the world you see. As you identify with Love, you will perceive a world in a state of grace, lifting it up to higher frequencies and harmonics. As you attune to this real world, you are bringing earth to Heaven, because they will no longer be seen as separate states. You can practice this intentionally through your daily meditations since these higher states of consciousness are already within you. As you come up and commune with me, we become one with the loving answer that is for the highest good of us all.

From here, we can share the perception of the global “lookdown” as part of the Divine Plan to give humanity more time to look within. Looking with Love means looking without judgment. That is the true meaning of forgiveness. That is also the true need of the hour. You have been taught that “as you forgive, you are forgiven” and “judge not, lest you be judged”. These are basic truth principles to illustrate that you are not separate from others, you are one.

“Where We Go One, We Go All” is a slogan in your world today. Knowing that we are all in this together is helpful since it is up to us where we go. You have also been told that this is the time of The Great Awakening, the Great Shift of the Ages, and the Ascension. Where is there to go except from the concept of duality into Oneness? Are we ready to live in Love instead of fear? If not now, then when? There’s no time like the Present.

Now is the time of a quickening of consciousness and metamorphosis within you and your world. The turning point becomes a choice point. You who have made the choice for Love are living in your Sacred Heart, which is the great transformer. The Heart is the home of miracles, the center still point, the zero point, where Love is All there Is. As you open your heart to embrace more Love, express it more, and pray for miracles of Love for all, this is your best response. It is time now to be your best and true Self. You are like the imaginal cells within the chrysalis. Allow your imagination to express the beauty, grace, and holiness that springs up from deep within. Trust your process of becoming like a butterfly, nature is unfolding its wings of transformation, as Love makes all things new. And So It Is.

This reminded me of a poem that I wrote…

We now have found within us
The meaning of our rebirth
To live in love right here and now
And teach peace upon the earth.

The power is in the present
Now is the time to start
Though things seem the same around us
True change is in our heart.

To perceive only the wholeness
Of ourselves and those we meet
A world without contradictions
A joy that is truly complete.

Heaven is here for expression
In the beauty our mind beholds
Open your heart to the new day
As the Glory of Love unfolds.

Mary Woods


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