What is Prayer?

Beloved Mother Mary, Could you help us understand the meaning and purpose of prayer, so we may learn more about how to pray?

True prayer is the ultimate gift of Communion with God. It is an endless merging and immersing of the Divine Creator with the Created. Prayer is attuning to a frequency and harmonic, like a beautiful love song. It does not depend on words, but hears the melody within our hearts. In this way, you can understand prayer as having a heart-to-heart communication with God.

Prayer is a means for returning you to your natural state. It is like the tuning of your instrument before you can play on key with the rest of the orchestra. It begins with an inner listening to what rings true to you, what resonates deep within, as you realign and resound with the vibrations of your soul. Prayer brings you into accord with the Music of the Spheres.

Prayer uplifts our vibration into a higher frequency. You literally rise above the discord of separation consciousness into the harmony of unity consciousness. You come up from lower states of emotions into higher states; from density into lightness of being. Prayer is the means of resonating with Love, Joy, Peace, and all the beautiful vibrations that are the quiet answer to all the problems you may perceive.

Through the communion of prayer, you become part of the answer. as you experience this sacred space within your Higher self, you remember your oneness with all Creation. When you get in tune with the great tuning fork of the Divine Frequency, you will help others resonate with the Truth of their Being, as well. Prayer opens us to the overriding frequency of Love, where we join in perfect harmony.

True prayer does not need to ask for specifics or petition God for what we think we want. Through humility, we get ourselves out of the way, and ask to accept what has already been given. God does not come down to fix our illusions, but lifts us up into the Heaven that is our home. In prayer, you unite with Heaven and realize that you have never left.

It is through the Holy Grace of Prayer that you accept the forgiveness that is the Holy Spirit’s answer to all the illusions that you have made. Be willing to be free of all attack thoughts, all judgments, and guilt that has been the cause of all your suffering. Allow true forgiveness to rest upon all things, so that true healing may be accomplished.

Lift up your voice in prayer, knowing that your song is a necessary part of the eternal melody of Love. Heaven’s harmony is incomplete without you. Your dedication to prayer holds the frequency that uplifts all life into a State of Grace. It is a true joy to pray as you deepen your true relationship with The Beloved and reconnect with your true relationship with all Creation.

The Sanskrit Chant, Om Mani Padme Hum makes a joyful prayer that aligns you with the Divine. It resonates and resounds, sending waves of harmonic vibrations throughout the Universe. The form of the prayer doesn’t matter. You can always commune with God, Who always understands the prayers of your heart. Just Pray. It is the ultimate gift to yourSelf.

Mary Woods


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