eclipse of the sun

What is Mine To Do?

Sitting in the morning sun, feeling the heightened energy from the Summer Solstice tomorrow; it is also a new moon and a solar eclipse at zero degrees Cancer, symbolizing the rebirth of the Divine Feminine. On the Ethiopian calendar, the date is June 20, 2012, which is said to be the prophesied end of the Mayan calendar. With this “convergence of many synchronized events” on Father’s Day weekend, I ask for guidance on how best to participate and prepare at this time? Mother Mary, what is mine to do?

So much of your time is spent in preparation and planning, like you would for a vacation, yet now is the time of your arrival at your destination. You are here! Congratulations for showing up for this miraculous moment. Take a deep breath and relax. Be aware of this precious moment. Take another deep breath and just let go. There is nothing that you need to do now; just be. Be present. Your presence is enough. As you continue to consciously breathe deeply, release your thoughts and dive deeply into the expansive peace within your quiet mind. Immerse yourself into the Sea of Love, the Field of Possibilities, the Zero Point of all and nothing. Rest in God.

As the Sun exerts its maximum power at this Solstice point, so you are empowered to be fully aware of your Divine Presence. As the moon eclipses the sun, appearing to cover it with a shadow, so you can become aware of your shadow. With the light of the longest day, you can clearly see the shadow that blocks the “Son of God” from fully shining the Light. Eclipses symbolically reveal what has been hidden, and since only what is hidden can hurt us, we must uncover it to see what is there. Let us look at this together now, so that these blocks can be released, healed, and transmuted back into the light.

The shadow represents the guilt you experience from the original belief that you separated from God. The shadow is only an illusion, but you made it real by your belief in it. You were attracted by the fear and suspense like watching a horror movie; the drama and the trauma, the pain and the insane, the villain and the killin’, and on and on with the sad, bad, and mad. It is because you feel guilty that you believe you must be punished. So you made karma to ensure that you will have to suffer the consequences of your wrong doing. The vicious cycle repeats as we pay for our mistakes over and over, life after life, we kill or we are killed.

It is time now to awaken from the guilty dream and realize that you have been punishing yourself. You made this all up and continue this nightmare through your belief in it. God does nor punish, condemn, or judge you. It is only in your dreams that you have made it so. As God calls you to awaken now, you can release these fearful illusions once and for all. Be willing to let go of the shadows and Let God reveal the Light of the world that You Are.

It is through the miracle of true forgiveness that this is accomplished. Therefore, what is yours to do, is to ask to be shown how to forgive. Pray for forgiveness to correct all errors, end all suffering, and help us all heal as one. May all beings remember the Truth of our Innocence, the Grace of Love in which we were created. Together, may we look at the shadow without judgment, and trust that this too shall pass. So Be It And So It Is.

Mary Woods


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