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My Mother prayed many rosaries to Mother Mary when she was pregnant with me late in her life. I was born choking with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck in a breech birth, which explains both my upside down perception of the world and my persecution wounds for speaking the truth. Anyway, my Mother’s prayers must have pulled me through. I was named Mary Margaret and raised as a Catholic, learning the Hail Mary and Our Father as my first prayers. The Blessed Mother statues were prevalent in the Church and I was given a small statue for my room as a gift on my First Communion.

My aspirations to be a nun ended when I discovered boys, eventually leaving the Church in my late teens, but always retaining my connection with the Mother Mary, my name sake, meaning Love. I later learned that Mary was a Priestess title. The Tarot card for my birthdate was the High Priestess, so I always related to that archetype. It was through my oldest brother’s investigations into our ancestry that I discovered the there is a lineage of Magdalenes on my Mother’s side and several ancestors names Mary on both sides. So, the Priestess was in my DNA, too.

Identifying myself as the archetypal Feminine Principle, I pursued the mystic path instead of the traditional religious teachings. Realizing early on that God was within me and not in some external institutions, I followed my intuitive heart, watched for signs and synchronicities, and learned to be true to myself. I read many spiritual and self-help books, with several significant ones falling off the bookshelves to get my attention. It always felt as though my journey was guided each step along the way.

In 1984, after becoming disillusioned from my attempt and failures to establish my own curriculum from various self-disciplines and spiritual paths, I surrendered to God and specifically asked for an assignment. The next day, I received the book in the mail from a friend, it was “A Course In Miracles”. In the introduction was written, “Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum. It means only that you can elect what you want to take at a given time.” I recognized that I had consciously asked God for direction and that this Course was my “assignment”. It has been my spiritual path ever since. In those moments of articulating my life mission and purpose, it has always been, “to be a clear channel for the Holy Spirit”.

Although the Course did not mention Mother Mary, it did use terminology to describe God the Father, Christ the Son ( of which we are all part of the one Sonship), and the Holy Spirit, as the Holy Trinity. Although the language is masculine in context, I have always considered the Holy Spirit to be the Divine Feminine. If there is a Father, you must have a Mother to have a Son. It does appear that the Divine Feminine has been missing in the most of the major theologies of his-story and it is about time for her return. The Return of the Prodigal Priestess – Her-story.

Most recently, in March 2020, I was guided to enroll in an online course with “The Seven Sisters Mystery School; Restoring The Ancient Way of the Priestess and the Mother Mary Mystery Teachings”. I have learned that Mother Mary is one of the most advanced spiritual adepts to have walked the Earth; the supreme feminine and Divine Power Priestess. She demonstrated the immaculate conception through the highest level of spiritual practice known as parthenogenesis; self-conception without sperm; a virgin birth. Mary chose to bring Jesus/Jeshua into the world as an answer to her prayer to help heal and release the negativity on the planet. Jesus was taught the sacred ways by Mother Mary, who also instructed Mary Magdalene, all of whom were soul mates with a divine spiritual mission. This course was my catalyst to embrace the Blessed Mother as my mentor and personal teacher. When I had a reading with the instructor of the class, Marguerite Rigoglioso, in partnership with Mother Mary, I asked for my next “assignment”.

The message I received was for me to step up into my Priestesshood, take the baton, activate my Sacred Self in service at this time. I am graduating now from getting information from others quotes, books, and oracle decks, and to receive guidance directly from my inner oracle, my Higher Self. Through my daily communion with Mother Mary, I can legitimize my ability to be an oracle, and engage in my Ministry with her.

With a little willingness to receive a deepening, a new rung on the spiral with my mission of teaching, counseling, and ministry, it will give new meaning to my mission of “being a clear channel for the Holy Spirit”.
So help me God and Goddess!

Mary Woods


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