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Motivational Speaking

“My mission is to inspire, motivate, and empower individuals, groups, and communities to experience more authentic joy, peace, and love by consciously living more fully in our hearts.”

Mary Woods has had a life long calling to raise the consciousness of humanity.  Throughout her diverse and unconventional career, and a lifetime of experience, Mary enthusiastically speaks from her heart, and has been a motivation to many.   With the goal of inner peace, living a loving life, and communicating the truth of our common purpose, Mary teaches by demonstrating that giving and receiving are the same.

“Thoughts increase by being given away. The more who believe in them the stronger they become. Everything is an idea. How, then, can giving and losing be associated?”     A Course In Miracles T-5 I.2:2

The term “motivational speaker” came as an epiphany for Mary when she was reviewing her life’s work. ” There was a common thread connecting everything on my professional resume that I had accomplished, and I realized that I had been preparing for this new job description as a culmination of my higher purpose.” ( see link to resume)

“Increasing motivation for change in the learner is all that a teacher need do to guarantee change. Change in motivation is a change of mind, and this will inevitably produce fundamental change because mind is fundamental.”    ACIM T-6 V. B.2:4-5

With the basic principle of “Change your mind, Change your life”, individuals can take responsibility for their own thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions, choosing to see things and situations differently. The process of changing our assumptions includes a willingness to let go of our past judgments and grievances, choosing to accept, forgive, and love ourselves and others unconditionally. Our life can be seen as a classroom where we practice listening to our true, authentic Self, aligning with our Divine higher purpose, and identifying with Love.

We all need to be motivated towards helpful changes, both personally and collectively. Our possibilities are limitless. “There is nothing my holiness cannot do.”  ACIM W-38

What changes are you ready to make in your life now?
What are your struggles that keep you from living more wholeheartedly?
Where is your life out of alignment with your higher purpose?

Can you imagine what it would be like to live in your heart and love what you do?
Can you imagine your childlike innocence and purity of soul?
Can you imagine living in the present moment with a peaceful, quiet mind?

We will find these answers together or not at all. We do not have separate interests, but share a common purpose. We need each other to recognize our wholeness. Since giving and receiving are the same, what we give others is our gift to us.

Mary has always said that her purpose was to be a clear channel for the Holy Spirit, to Let Go and Let God, and to just show up and be present. Will you join her by showing up and being present to give and receive the Gifts of God?

You can connect with Mary to schedule a free discovery call to discuss the possibilities;

Are you willing to receive blessings just by being motivated to contact Mary?

“Would you receive the messages of God? For thus do you become His messengers. You are appointed now. And yet you wait to give the messages you have received. And you do not know that they are yours, and do not recognize them. No one can receive and understand he has received until he gives. For in the giving is his own acceptance of what he received.”   ACIM W-154.8

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