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Holistic Health Consultations

Integrating body/emotions/mind/spirit principles as we explore the cause and effect relationship to your health conditions, instead of just treating the symptoms. This two-hour consultation will provide you with a practical and personal overview; guiding you to results not as a quick fix, but as a long-term solution. After your completion of a health history questionnaire, you will receive a personalized health program that will include educational and inspirational guidelines, healthy eating habits, meal choices, a grocery list, and a supplement program. As a holistic approach to your lifestyle, the consultation will also provide healthy guidelines emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to address your whole being.

Carol Knapp from New York

“I have recently started my wellness program with Mary. In just this short time, I feel as if she is with me 100% of the time. She has developed a program for me that is designed to my lifestyle and abilities, which is simple and easy to understand. She has provided me with all the tools I will need to start, and start slowly, and within my budget. Most importantly, she is teaching me, not just telling me what to do or eat. She is creating a strong healthy foundation for me to build on.”

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