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Celebration Artist Events

Mary believes that “Life Is Your ‘Peace’ Of Art”. As a self-proclaimed “celebration artist”, she has been facilitating ceremonies since the 1980’s. Some examples of events to celebrate are: the equinoxes, solstices, full moons, astrological and world healing dates, house blessings, birthdays, anniversaries, rites of passage in our lives, and holi-days.

Based on the idea that life is meant to be celebrated, Mary believes that we give our life meaning through conscious focus of our intention. As we expand our awareness to embrace all life and recognize our inter-connectedness with the great holographic consciousness, we become co-creators that participate in influencing events moment to moment.

Ceremonies connect us with one another, with all earth life, and celestial life as well. It provides us with an opportunity to be truly present, to deliberately affirm our visions for peace, healing, harmony, and divine love to manifest for the highest good of all. When we are having fun and celebrating our love of life, we lift the vibration of ourselves and our world.


Co-creating each event together, customizing it to meet your needs, and exploring all the possibilities and creative ideas, including;

  • Themes
  • Ceremonies
  • Music selections
  • Food selections
  • Gift ideas
  • Personalized scrapbooks
  • Personalized greeting cards
  • Personalized poetry
  • Games
  • Decorations
  • Invitations

Mary can help you plan your special celebration event with a free initial consultation where you can describe the event you wish to celebrate; free estimate can be provided after our discovery call.

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