Conversations with Mary

I am grateful to receive the assignment to commune with Mother Mary. To sit and meditate daily, receiving messages from her Divine Presence. “Conversations With Mary” is a place where I will share my dialog with the Blessed Mother.

Have you ever been asked the question, “If you could have a conversation with any historical person, who would it be and why?” I would like to get to know the real Mother Mary. Not satisfied with the limited history we have about her life, I would like to know “her-story”. To learn about her ascension, so that she could be a guide for humanity’s ascension.

At this time of the rebirth of the Divine Feminine, what better teacher and role model than the Divine Mother herself? What relevant wisdom and spiritual practices does she have to share to help heal humanity during this evolutionary moment on our planet? What ancient mystery school teachings about the sacred heart and creative womb can be activated within us? What is Mother Mary’s message today and how can we relate with her now?

The Catholic portrayals of Mary along with the language used in the Hail Mary seem antiquated. I was inspired to write this prayer as a new tribute to Mother Mother with relevance to us now;

Blessed Mother Mary
Teacher of the Sacred Heart
The Holy Spirit is One with Thee.
Bless Us with the Divine Feminine and
Birth the Christ Consciousness Within Humanity.
Holy Mary, Mother of Us All,
Pray for Us to Remember Our True Identity
With Love, Innocence, and Grace
Now and as We Ascend Together in Peace.
So Be It and So It Is.

Mary Woods


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