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Beloved Mother Mary, May I be an Emissary for the Divine Feminine?

Yes, and you are also the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. The purpose of the body is to be a vessel of communication. As you join with the Voice for Divinity, you will fulfill your mission of being a clear channel for the Holy Spirit. An emissary is a representative sent on a mission. You are here to teach by demonstrating and expressing the Holy Spirit within you. It is through Identification with Love that you become empowered to accept this Truth of your Being.

You have to receive before you can give and it is in giving that we receive. You will realize what you have and become fully Who You Are through sharing it with others. Ideas increase by sharing and the stronger they become. We are awakening together as we remember our oneness, and the Truth that we share collectively.

Yes, it is time to Be All That You Are, to embody this Christ/Sophia principle within you. The balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine will bring balance to our world. To be empowered by Who We Are and no longer give our power away to what seeks to have power over us. To demonstrate wholeness, sovereignty, and unity consciousness.

It is through your Presence in the present moment that the rebirth of the sacred will emerge. Your mission, therefore, is to have the willingness to embody the Divine Feminine/Holy Spirit, by living more fully in your heart. All life is in communication with us when we are in our sacred heart. Just be in your heart; listen, follow, and let your heart lead the way.

Be a channel of blessings as you communicate messages of love. You have my blessing on your new website, “Mary Messages From The Heart”. Write blogs, give talks, teach courses, make videos. Your epiphany of becoming a motivational speaker is a calling for you to use your voice to speak from your heart. With your renewed commitment to our common purpose, we will reach many. Now is the time for miracles of transformation and the heart is the great transformer. Waking up from the sleep of forgetfulness and fear to remember the love that we are.

You are part of the co-creation of the new “Women’s Movement”, as more and more women move forward to express their deep feminine wisdom. The “Return of the Priestess” marks a return to wholeness and holiness. Trust the resonance that comes to you through connection with these sisters, and the synchronicity of the books that came to you; “The Mystery Tradition of Miraculous Conception “, “Mary Magdalene Revealed” and “The Way of Mary”. They are all part of the story, her-story, that is being remembered and rebirthed in you. The role of the Divine Feminine archetype is not in opposition to the old, but here to co-create the new.

Now is the time to co-create the new

As the Divine Feminine has a rebirth.

Our sacred heart and womb are open vessels

For the unification of Heaven and Earth.

So Be It and So It Is.

Mary Woods


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