“Those who would learn the same course share one interest and goal.  And thus he who was the learner becomes a teacher of God Himself, for he has made the one decision that gave his teacher to him. He has seen in another person the same interests as his own.”                                                                                      

ACIM Teachers Manual-2. 5:7-9

A Curriculum of A Course In Miracles:

Theology, Practice, and Experience

An 8 module workshop with Mary Woods

For all those new to A Course In Miracles, as well as all those dedicated students who want to deepen their understanding and experience of its thought system. This in-depth, eight part study will clarify its non-dualistic metaphysics and practical psychology.

The thought system of A Course In Miracles is not linear in its teaching method.  Instead, its development is spiral with its themes introduced, set aside, reintroduced, and developed, much like a symphony.  This method presents a learning ‘process’, like an ascent up a spiral staircase.  Like fractals and holograms, each part is essential to the whole, while containing the whole within itself.  While an intellectual understanding is a necessary step, the process of studying the Course gradually leads one to an experience of perceptual transformation.  We will be reading excerpts from the Course together in each class, with the purpose of a more in-depth, personal experience.

Class 1: The Overview of A Course In Miracles

With a discussion of how it came, what it is, and what it says, we will read excepts from the Text, Workbook, and Teachers Manual, which together, comprise a complete thought system for spiritual awakening. This literary masterpiece, written in iambic pentameter, is unique among spiritual and religious theologies, as it combines a non-dualistic metaphysics with a contemporary psychology.

Class 2: The Metaphysics of the Separation and The Atonement

You will receive Dr. Kenneth Wapnick’s “chart”,  illustrating the basic Course theology that is the key to understanding its metaphysical premise.  This visualization is a most helpful tool in explaining, “How did the impossible occur?”  The Course teaches that our one error is the belief that we separated from God, and the Holy Spirit’s Atonement plan is the correction that leads us to the realization that our errors never really occurred.

Class 3: Sin, Guilt, and Fear and the Undoing Process

Known as the unholy trinity, these are the beliefs that make the world go round, and the source of the ego thought system.   Belief in the ‘sin’ of our separation from God is the source of our ontological guilt, which the ego projects onto others.  It is through the process of forgiveness of others, with the help of the Holy Spirit or Jesus, that our projections and fears are undone, along with the guilt in our minds.

Class 4: Jesus, The Manifestation of The Holy Spirit

Representing the first person or “I” of the Course, Jesus is the symbol of Love that is not of this world.  Having first completed his part in the Atonement plan by transcending his ego, Jesus became identified with the Holy Spirit or Christ, serving as a model for us.  As one of the most misunderstood religious symbols in the world, Jesus corrects the misperceptions of Christianity, while leading us to a personal relationship with him.

Class 5: Looking At Our Resistance To Love

Jesus lets us know that we will experience resistance to his teachings, as a direct threat to our ego thought system.  “And if you find resistance strong and dedication weak, you are not ready. Do not fight yourself.”  In the process of undoing our ego, Jesus gradually guides us to forgive the fear and the hatred of specialness that we have made real, and reminds us of the love that is patiently awaiting our remembrance.

Class 6: Magic, The Authority Problem, and Specialness

With a clarification of Course terminology to understand the dynamics of the ego, we will examine the substitutes we have made for God.  The curriculum emphasizes our need to look first at the ego thought system without judgment, which is the meaning of forgiveness, so that our errors can be undone. “No one can escape from illusions unless he looks at them, for not looking is the way they are protected.”

Class 7: The Practical Application of ACIM

Reading selected Course excerpts that teach us how to exercise our decision-making minds to choose once again, we will practice these loving principles in our everyday life. As we learn to take responsibility for our thoughts and continual decisions to practice our forgiveness lessons, we remember our loving relationship with God, and the common purpose we share with all our relationships.

Class 8: Seek Not To Change The Course

While the Course gently reminds us that “all are called, but few choose to listen”, Jesus reminds us “that to learn this course requires willingness to question every value you hold.”  If you love A Course In Miracles and feel that it is your spiritual path, then we must step back in humility, and let it lead us, by letting the simplicity, clarity, and directness of Jesus’ own words be our guide.

Mary Woods has been a student and teacher of A Course In Miracles since 1984.  She was a staff member at the Foundation for A Course In Miracles where she was privileged to study under Dr. Kenneth Wapnick.  Mary has taught workshops for many years and has an ongoing ACIM group in her home in Pennsylvania.  Her website is  www.onelovinglife.com

A Student's Testimonial

“I’ve just completed Mary Woods’ ACIM 8 week workshop and feel so much gratitude for making this choice. Mary’s loving presence and masterful knowledge of the principles of ACIM brought me to a whole new level of peacefulness. Accessible to both beginners and those who have been on the path for many years, I highly recommend this class, or anything she offers. Mary is a living testament to the power of forgiveness and the principles brought forth in ACIM.”

Dawn DelVecchio, M.A.

The tuition for this 8 module workshop is only $333! 

You will receive 8 recorded classes as listed above, along with PDF documents of handouts, and a list of the sections that will be read together during the class. 

Please have your ACIM book with you, as many of the classes contain read-along sections, along with your appreciation for the magnitude of the Course message. 


Each student will have the option for a one-on-one Q&A call with workshop teacher Mary Woods. Instructions on how to book your Q&A call with Mary will be provided in your registration confirmation email and on the workshop pages. 

  “This course makes no attempt to teach what can not easily be learned.  Its scope does not exceed your own, except to say that what is yours will come to you when you are ready.”                                                                     ACIM  T-24. VII. 8: 1-2

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ACIM Workshop | 8 Week Live Study Group & Lifetime Access to Entire Course: $333
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