About Me

Here, on the “About” page, I get “To Be” Who I Am, as a celebration of Self-expression, Imagination in manifestation, and Love extended as a gift to God. Always wondering how to describe what “I Do,” I see my creative process, along with my creative projects, all as a work in progress! I love my life and when asked what it is “I Do,” I usually say that I do my best. That reminds me of my poem, “Just Be.”

just be poem by mary woods with sun background

My “One Loving Life” is full of the simple joys of living. I love living with my husband David and my dog Magi. Magi has taught us so much about the simple joys in life, with his affection, appreciation, and enthusiasm for just being alive. David and I enjoy sharing quality time together talking, walking, mealtime, dreamtime, work, and playtime. In the Preface of my book I wrote, “Appreciating the gift of our life, experiencing being human, a human being, is enough. Life can be simple.”

I believe that the power of love in our heart and soul is more valuable than a world that wants to validate us academically or by accomplishments. I also believe that life is our ‘peace’ of art, where our work is an opportunity to “express love in our own unique, creative ways.” Here are some of the ways that I share what I do as expressions of love.

just be poem by mary woods with sun background

In describing more of the things I love to do in my life,
here is an incomplete list, because it is really unlimited;

  • I love sharing quality time with my family and friends. 
  • I love homemaking, which includes a long list of tasks, many on a daily basis;
    • making sacred space through intentional placement of beautiful things, tidying, preparing healthy meals, cleanup, laundry, vacuuming, home improvements, grocery shopping, paying bills, wearing my favorite clothes, seasonal decorating.
  • I love yard time; mowing, raking, gardening, playing with Magi, laying in the hammock.
  • I love walking with David and Magi around our neighborhood.
  • I love journaling, and have written daily for most of my life.
  • I love reading, mostly inspirational books, and have many on our book shelves.
  • I love a good cup of green tea, a good hot shower or bath, and a good nights sleep.
  • I love singing silly songs, laughing, and doing the happy dance.
  • I love kissing David, and our K.I.S.S. acronym; Keep It Simple Sweetheart.
  • I love communing with God, practicing being present, and trusting the process.

The paradox of my sharing on this “about” page, is that it is really not about me. Instead of emphasizing my personal life, it is more important to share the transpersonal life that we share. Our Identity as Mind/Soul/Spirit is about sharing our common purpose of remembering Who We Are. We are not our separate self, but One Self United with our Creator. Now is our time, we are the ones to express miracles, and raise the consciousness of humanity, as we play our part in the Great Awakening.

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