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Featured Interview

My second interview was a book review and discussion with Dawn Delvecchio on April 19th, 2023. 

Dawn’s description of our interview:
“In this beautiful interview with Mary Woods, we explore where we are as a collective through the lens of love. A must-watch for those weary of the current world events and ready for a deeply inspired uplift.”
Dawn Delvecchio, Return of the Priestess

Latest Interviews

She's A God Podcast Appearance

What is Social Engineering? w/ Mary Woods

Meet Mary Woods! She recently authored the book “One Loving Life Is All There Is”, which is a memoir of her life in cycles. Each cycle is marked with a timestamp of a specific time in history that was very meticulously planned. Mary reveals how those memorable timestamps were products of a larger scheme in Social Engineering. In this episode, we have a very real and transparent conversation about Social Engineering and how it has played a role in the collective consciousness. Mary has a lifelong spiritual calling to raise the consciousness of humanity as part of a global Great Awakening. Throughout her diverse and unconventional career, including a lifetime of experience, Mary speaks from her heart and has been an inspiration to many. She is able to tell her story in a mind expanding way that is not only interesting but educational as well. 

Where to listen

She's A God Website
Apple Podcast

Watch the Replay of My Appearance on the Marguerite Rigoglioso Podcast

Marguerite is the founder of the Seven Sisters Mystery School

Marguerite interviewed me on the topic of Shadow Worlds & Love Domains. We go on a deep dive on the disclosure that is happening in our realm and how we can best respond.

My first interview with Ann Marie Morales about my recently released book, One Loving Life Is All There Is premiered on Easter Sunday at 7 PM ET.

Watch the interview here or click to go to Ann Marie’s Youtube channel called Ann Marie The Art of Healing.

My next interview is coming up later in April 2023 with Dawn DelVecchio.

Latest Workshops

A Curriculum of A Course In Miracles: Theology, Practice, and Experience

An 8 module workshop with Mary Woods

“I’ve just completed Mary Woods’ ACIM 8 week workshop and feel so much gratitude for making this choice. Mary’s loving presence and masterful knowledge of the principles of ACIM brought me to a whole new level of peacefulness. Accessible to both beginners and those who have been on the path for many years, I highly recommend this class, or anything she offers. Mary is a living testament to the power of forgiveness and the principles brought forth in ACIM.                                           Dawn DelVecchio, M.A.

Accelerate and deepen your experiential journey with A Course In Miracles. This in-depth, eight part study will clarify its non-dualistic metaphysics and practical psychology.

Bonus One-On-One Q&A video or phone call with Mary Woods included with this course.
* schedule your call anytime during the course and Mary will help you go deeper.

Welcome to my website One Loving Life

It is a container for what cannot be contained. Our One Loving Life is limitless, just like us. Since we are in form, we need to express in form. Words are symbols of symbols, to express the love beyond the words. If our purpose in life is to express the love within us in our own creative art form, may this website serve as a contribution to “the good, the beautiful, and the holy.”

My mission is to be a clear channel for the Holy Spirit. 
As an emissary of the Divine Feminine,
May I be a channel of blessings,
Serving to inspire, motivate, and empower,
Individuals, groups, and communities,
To experience more authentic joy, peace, and love,
By consciously living more fully in our hearts.

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A Journey of a Lifetime

Take a trip on cross-country and tropical island adventures full of mystical magical and miraculous events. This book is both a resume of my life’s work and a personal memoir of my path with heart. It demonstrates a willingness to follow your heart and spiritual calling, which leads to the experience of the miraculous Divine Orchestration of life. 

one loving life is all there is book description on back cover on scroll

“Why should we be surprised to see the world the ego made is an inversion of the truth? An upside-down perception. Can we open our minds with the willingness to question everything we think we believe?”

“As we regain our sovereignty and withdrawal our consent from the lies and manipulations of social engineering, we will bring about the new paradigm aligned with love.”

A Timely Autobiography

I was inspired to write my story which is also our story. Archetypal of the American culture and counter culture of our generation, it reflects upon the social engineering that influenced our life path, and our spiritual awakening that reveals our true life path. This book gives the reader an experience of the Truth and Love that transcends our illusions, as we bring the hidden darkness to the healing light.

one loving life is all there is book table of contents on a scroll

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What is a Good Joke?

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What is Prayer?

What is Prayer?

Beloved Mother Mary, Could you help us understand the meaning and purpose of prayer, so we may learn more about how to pray? True prayer is the ultimate gift of Communion with God. It is an endless merging and immersing of the Divine Creator with the Created. Prayer...

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Motivational Speaking

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Wedding Officiant

Everyone Has Such Kind Words To Say!

-Bill Dewey, BSME, CBP, Intuitive Energy Healer, Reiki Master

“As a former student and teacher of ACIM, I have searched for a long time to find a qualified teacher to organize and teach this workshop. Mary came back into my life after meeting her many years ago when she was teaching at the Edgar Cayce foundation in Virginia Beach. She is unusually well qualified to lead this program and I assure you this will be one of the highlights of your life. Mary is fantastic!”


-Catherine Haefner

“I have received birthday readings from Mary for several years and it is always my most favorite gift! It gives me focus for the year and is amazingly on target each time. I keep my beautiful booklet to review throughout the year to remind myself to where my attention to growth needs to be.”


-Vanessa Hunter

“Mary is very authentic, kind, and knowledgeable and made me feel completely accepted. She inspired my trust and supported me in successfully making the changes I needed to make. I am empowered in a whole new way. The consultation had and extremely positive impact in my life.”-

-Michael and Christian Cuff

“Thank you so much for officiating  our wedding and being such a big part of our special day! We really appreciated all your help and support.”

-Sharon and Kris

“Thank you for your guidance and sacred service. We are so grateful to find such a soul to bless us into our unity and future together.”

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